Financial Policies Unit

The Macro Fiscal Unit (MFU) is viewed as an “internal think tank” that monitors ongoing developments and provides forward looking analysis and policy advice. The MFU helps in achieving the sustainability of adopted fiscal policies, taken into consideration oil price developments and associated performance of the hydrocarbon sector. In addition to ensure the effective contribution of fiscal policies and measures to the overarching national objectives of having a stable, growing and diversified economy.

The tasks of MFU include the followings:

  • - Build in-house medium term macro-fiscal framework that is reliable and consistent with the Government policies and measures.
  • - Monitor fiscal developments to identify key risks and suggest policy interventions and reforms.
  • - Assess and analyze the economic and fiscal impacts of changes in key macroeconomic parameters.
  • - Provide future scenarios for the potential implications of Government policies and measures on fiscal framework and macroeconomic indicators.